7 weeks’ jail for 2nd ex-prison officer who shared inmates’ information with prisoner

SINGAPORE – Hoping a disruptive prisoner would not create issues for him at his workplace, a prison officer shared with the man classified information, including the contact number of another inmate’s girlfriend.

Muhammad Zul Helmy Abdul Latip also shared with Abdul Karim Mohamed Kuppai Khan, 36, who was a secret society headman, the age of an inmate from a rival gang.

Zul, 33, is no longer a prison officer. He had obtained the information he shared from the Singapore Prison Service’s (SPS) computer system, which is known as the Prison Operations Rehabilitation System II (Ports II).

He was on Friday sentenced to seven weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to two charges under the Computer Misuse Act.

Zul was the second former prison officer to be sent to jail in recent weeks after sharing other inmates’ information with Abdul Karim.

On Aug 24, one of his former colleagues, Muhammad Fattahullah Mohd Nordin, 38, was sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail after he pleaded guilty to two charges under the Computer Misuse Act.

The case involving Abdul Karim, whose nickname is “Dio”, is pending.

Zul, who last held the rank of Sergeant 2, joined the SPS in November 2010 and was later posted to Tanah Merah Prison.

He knew that the SPS stored inmates’ information in an internal electronic system which he could access.

Zul also knew that it was classified information and not to be shared with other inmates upon request.

He was later asked to understudy Fattahullah.

During his understudy in early September 2020, Zul met Abdul Karim who was then serving a 15-year sentence over a drug-related offence.

Soon after, Abdul Karim started asking Zul for information on other inmates. The data was available on Ports II, to which Zul had access.