Fujitsu marks next stage of “Work Life Shift” with new corporate hubs in Tokyo area to boost productivity, data-driven management

TOKYO, Sep 22, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via –

TOKYO, Sept 22, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Since the launch of its transformative ‘Work Life Shift’ program in July 2020, Fujitsu has embraced a wide range of initiatives that encourage employees to take ownership over where and when they work, while simultaneously promoting hybrid working and data driven management to improve employee engagement and productivity in Japan.

As the next milestone in this strategy, Fujitsu today announced plans to reduce the number of fixed offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area by clarifying the functions of each location and further utilizing external shared offices. To help optimize operations, Fujitsu also plans to further leverage data to visualize employees’ working styles, thereby promoting approaches to working that simultaneously meet business and operational objectives.

With its ongoing commitment to its Work Life Shift initiatives, Fujitsu aims not only to improve the productivity and working experience for its employees, but also enhance its performance as a team, thereby improving our group’s corporate value, solving customer problems, and contributing to the sustainable growth of society.


1. Clarification and consolidation of functions by site

At the Kawasaki Plant (Nakahara Ward, Kawasaki City), Fujitsu Uvance Kawasaki Tower (Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki City), and Fujitsu Solution Square (Ota Ward, Tokyo), which are Fujitsu’s main offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we will clarify the functions of each office, consolidate them, and develop an environment that matches those functions. By doing so, Fujitsu aims to further accelerate the development of new technologies and offerings, as well as the execution of our strategy for">Fujitsu Uvance, which provides innovative solutions that address business challenges and solve societal issues to drive customer growth. As a result of this process, Fujitsu plans to relocate all divisions from its current Shiodome City Center Head Office, which houses the Corporate Division and the Front Desk Division for customer service, during the first half of fiscal 2024 (ending March 2025).

(1) Fujitsu Technology Park: a hub for cutting-edge technology and innovation

The corporate functions and technology development functions currently housed at the Shiodome City Center offices will be integrated into the existing facilities at Fujitsu’s Kawasaki Plant to form a new core technology hub in stages. To reflect this change, Fujitsu will change the name of these offices to “Fujitsu Technology Park” in April 2024.

(2) Fujitsu Uvance Kawasaki Tower: a core hub of services & solutions for customers to experience Fujitsu Uvance

Uvance Kawasaki Tower, which serves as a living showcase for Fujitsu’s Work Life Shift initiatives, will consolidate the front and business divisions (including affiliated companies) currently hosted at Shiodome City Center and other locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area to accelerate the expansion of Fujitsu Uvance. Fujitsu will additionally promote live office tours where customers can observe our Work Life Shift in action, further utilize the collaboration spaces “F3rdX” (">1) and “F3rd Lab” (">2) with other companies, and transform the Uvance Kawasaki Tower hub into a place where customers can experience the innovative possibilities of “Fujitsu Uvance” in person.

(3) Fujitsu Solution Square: a hub for the development and delivery of high-quality systems

Project locations for system development spread throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area will be concentrated in Fujitsu Solution Square. Fujitsu will work to further improve the quality of our systems by consolidating them at our locations with high disaster prevention capabilities to strengthen business continuity, and by creating a highly secure and comfortable development environments provide robust systems that lead to increased customer value. The name of this hub will be “Fujitsu Solution Square”.

2. Improving productivity by using data

In order to promote its vision for ‘Borderless Offices’, a key element of Work Life Shift, Fujitsu has created an environment where employees can freely choose where they work according to their work tasks and individual working styles.

(1) Formulation and optimization of indicators to improve productivity

By linking Work Life Shift and our company-wide DX project, Fujitra, Fujitsu will create metrics that directly improve productivity by leveraging various data stored in the company-wide data utilization infrastructure, drawing on data surrounding the usage of business systems and cloud tools, attendance at work, and frequency of communication in the office, to visualize and optimize the way teams work.

(2) Build dashboards to visualize how we work

Fujitsu will also build dashboards that capture each team’s attendance and usage of external shared offices and compares that data with company-wide averages and other departments. This will offer visibility and insights into where teams choose to work, identify possible improvements to drive collaboration, and realize an environment where employees feel empowered to take initiative in their own tasks while collaborating with team members to improve productivity.

(3) Visualizing attendance for External Shared Offices

The “aerukamo” web application, which has been implemented internally since September 2021, has been extended to provide real-time visualizations of employee locations in external shared offices. Fujitsu anticipates that this will facilitate communication between employees in external shared offices, strengthen team management and stimulate collaboration with other departments.

[1] F3rdX (Effect Cross) :Collaborative offices with customers and business partners
[2] F3rd Lab (F3rd Lab) :Verification space for ideas under consideration and technologies under development

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